We are a close-knit family that manages to take each other to new heights. As soon as a new one hyæne is born, it's ready to eat everyone else and swears eternal allegiance to the family. But we're also a family that's always on the lookout for new stray talents on the movie screen. So if you want to be part of an up-and-coming bunch, don't hold back.

Ulaa Salim

Director, producer & partner

Ulaa Salim is the creative head of the Hyenas and has received numerous awards for his feature film debut 'The Sons of Denmark'. Ulaa graduated as a film director from the Danish Film School in 2017. Before film school, he completed a Bachelor in Social Science while making films. He is currently developing his next feature film and is also committed to working as a screenwriter, producer and mentor for younger talent.

Daniel Mühlendorph

Producer & partner

Daniel is from Bornholm and an entrepreneur - both with exclamation marks! He graduated as a producer from the Danish Film School in 2017 also known as the year of legends. Since then he has made no less than 7 feature films and 2 series. Besides being a producer, Daniel has years of experience as a self-employed entrepreneur with a music festival and several business ventures on his resume.

Robin Hounisen


Robin Hounisen is a young Bornholm native hyæne with a passion for good cinematic storytelling. He has been part of the company since the very beginning, where he started as a production manager. Later, he has worked as a line producer on various large and small productions. Since then, Robin's ambitious will and production talent has led to several Robert nominations in the short film category. Therefore, the natural next step is already in the pipeline with his first feature film. Furthermore, Robin has several years of experience in event management, production and booking in the music industry.

Lisa Jespersen


Lisa Jespersen graduated from the Danish Film School in the summer of 2017. Lisa has a special connection to the country and the people outside the city, and these are Lisa's main sources of inspiration. She garnered great praise and acclaim for her debut feature film "Where the Crows Turn" which won for Best Feature Film of the Year in 2022, among others. Lisa is currently working on her next project.

Christian Bengtson

Director & Screenwriter

Christian Bengtson graduated as a screenwriter at the Danish Film School in the summer of 2019. He is originally from Thisted, where people don't talk much about feelings and relationships, if you ask Christian himself. His home town in particular is the inspiration for many of his projects. Christian has written and directed several Robert nominated short films over the years. Most recently, his feature debut " Chrysanthemum was nominated for Best Feature Film of the Year 2023.

Christian Arhoff


Christian graduated as a director from the Danish Film School in the summer of 2019. He has a penchant for the quirky and humorous stories, as well as characters. This is evident in his black and white graduation film "Viktor on the Moon", which is attracting attention abroad. Christian is also a walking film encyclopedia, watching all films from Polish silents to 'Notting Hill'. He will debut with his feature film Viktor Against the World in 2023.

Malthe Saxer


Malthe graduated from the Danish Film School in the summer of 2021.His graduation film from the film school, "100% skinned love" was selected for the cinéfondation, at the Cannes Festival in 2022.He is currently working on his first feature film, which highlights the relationship between humans and animals.


Animation group

The animation group Gigis was born with the ambition to make people laugh and reflect on the issues it touches upon. Gigis started on YouTube and Facebook, where it has built up a large fan base. With the main characters Hassan, Abdi, Musti and Ali, Gigis is designed to give a voice to people who normally don't have a voice in the Danish media. The team behind Gigis, according to them, all come from socially deprived areas. They do everything themselves, including the music, which plays a central role in their universe. Most recently, the group has achieved great popularity with the feature film Blokhavn.

Johan Knattrup Jensen

Director & Screenwriter

After leaving Super16 in 2012, Johan tumbles into the art world with the award-winning film installation 'Skammekrogen' from 2014, which subsequently travels the world. In the following years, Johan demonstrates new artistic heights with his works shown at everything between Cannes film festival and Copenhagen Contemporary. In 2021, Johan returns to his original love, fiction film, and has since been working doggedly to realise his cinema debut.

Laura Sofie Frederikke Pedersen

Junior Producer, Scriptwriter & Head of Hyaenenecasting

Laura graduated as a dramatist from Aarhus University with an advanced degree in script development from SDU. During her time at Hyena, in addition to her daily work in production, she produced her first short film and subsequently worked as a scriptwriter. Laura is a walking acting handbook and always has a casting suggestion ready.
In our opinion, Laura is the best thing to come out of Funen since brunsviger.

Laura Bjørn

Junior Producer

Laura is the newest member of the hyena production flock. She has a Bachelor in Film and Science from the University of Copenhagen. She was born and raised on the rocky island of Bornholm, which is clearly reflected in her work ethic that is harder than Bornholm granite.

Keld Egelund


Keld Egelund is a trained materialist and has since 1991 established several Matas stores on Zealand and in Jutland. After the sale of Matas in 2007, Keld has joined a number of boards, as well as started and invested in various companies, including local newspapers, real estate, clothing stores, etc. Keld is a very skilled businessman, with an extremely good sense of numbers, reason, logic and certainly does not stand back if someone comes up with that good idea and has a penchant for building things from scratch.

Flemming Hansen


Flemming Falk Hansen has about 25 years of solid experience from the media industry. Most recently as adm. Director of Lokalaviserne Østerbro and Amager A/S. In addition to this, Flemming holds a number of board positions primarily within media and sales. In addition to his involvement in Hyæne Film, he is currently working on new digital platforms for the dissemination of local news.



After trying to import a thoroughbred hyena from the African savannah without success, we realized we had to look elsewhere. Fortunately, we found the mascot Esther. She consists of 25% French bulldog, 25% Pug, 25% Danish-Swedish farm dog and last but not least 25% . Hyæne. Esther spends most of her day sleeping when she's not charming house guests or acting as an extra dynamic for castings.

Juan Bastias

Costume designer

Juan is Hyæne Film's in-house costume designer and has been involved in all of the productions the company has produced - from Film School to the present. Besides having a keen eye for costume design, Juan is also known for his youthful energy and recognizable heart-warming laugh.